Why is my roof leaking?

  • Within your roof are a variety of trouble areas. Vents, chimneys, flashings, walls , valleys , ice dams, wind damage that has gone un noticed

How do I know if my roof needs to be replaced?

  • Loss of granular matter (you will see this coming out of your downspouts in your gutters)
  • Exposed fiber glass will appear to be shining at peak day time hours from different angles

What costs are associated with replacing my roof?

  • The average cost is between 10-20k. Upon Weather Shield Roofing’s inspections, they will give a recommendation based on apparent damage. Weather shield will send you a detailed report. If it warrants a conversation with your insurance company, Weather Shield will guide you through the claims process. I

How do I pick a roofing company?

  • Go on google and check out reviews for different companies

Can I replace my roof myself?

  • You can, but Weather shield roofing offers extended warranties on all work. We are fully backed by GAF to ensure the quality of our work as well as the satisfaction of our customers.