Referral Program

The team at Weather Shield Roofing would like to thank you for your business. We care a lot about the quality of work we provided for you, and hope we were able to provide you with unmatched service. Word-Of-Mouth is crucial for helping small businesses like ours continue to help homeowners just like you. That being said, we would love your help! If you are pleased with the work we’ve done for you and know of somebody that could benefit from our services, please consider our referral program.

How To Submit A Referral:

Option One: Simply fill out our referral form below and we will get in touch with the homeowner.

Option Two: Have your referral contact your sales rep. Make sure to have them mention that they were referred to us by you so that you’re able to receive your credit.

How To Receive Referral Credits:

If your referral turns into a project, you will receive your referral money in the form of a prepaid visa card in the mail once the project has been completed.

Referral Program

Referral Form