What Is Steel Roofing?

If you’re looking for a long lasting, highly durable roof, steel roofing, commonly known as metal roofing might be the perfect option! We install three different types of steel roofs. These include Ribbed Roofs, Standing Seam Roofs and Stone Coated Roofs. The style of steel chosen generally depends on the what type of building you have and the location of the property. For example, ribbed steel is great for rural areas on structures such as homes and pole barns. Standing seam steel roofs are well suited for rural area homes and inner city homes and stone coated steel is great for both inner city homes as well as rural homes.


Ribbed Roofs used exposed fastener metal roof panels. Exposed Fastener metal roof panels are a cost effective option for commercial, residential and agricultural buildings. These roof panels are more affordable than concealed panels because the material is thinner and can be installed over an existing shingled roof. We make sure to color coordinate the roof and the fasteners so that they are less visible once installed.


Standing Seam Roofs used concealed fastener metal roof panels. These roof panels are commonly used in residential buildings because they are more aesthetically appealing than exposed fastener roofs. Since this option provides a sleek and concealed design, they lead to less maintenance over the lifetime of the roof. 


Increase your curb appeal with a highly durable stone coated roof. This style of roof is press-formed from Galvalume®* steel and coated with adhesive allowing the natural granite stone granules to be embedded into the basecoat. This helps to create UV resistant stone coating resulting in world-class protection. Choose from 5 different stone coated designs depending on the architecture of your building.